Program Structure

Semester 1   Year 1 4 subjects 12 credits
Core courses: 4 subjects    
APS600 Foundation Asia-Pacific Studies 3 credits
APS611 Economic Integration in the Asia-Pacific Region 3 credits
APS621 Political, Security, and Defense Strategies in the Asia-Pacific Region 3 credits
APS612 Dynamism of the Thai Economy 3 credits
Semester 2   Year 1  4 subjects 12 credits 
Core Course 2 Subjects, Selective Core Course 1 subject, Elective course 1 subject  
APS631 International Law and Regional Architecture in the Asia-Pacific Region 3 credits
APS681 Research Methodology 3 credits
Selective Core course:    
APS64xx Contemporary Issues in Area Studies/Public Policy Studies   1 subject 3 credits
Elective Course: 1 subjects    


Elective Course 3 credits
Summer Semester 1 subject 3 credits
APS800 Thesis 3 credits
Semester 1 Year 2  1 subject  9 credits 
Elective Course: 1 Subject, Thesis 1  
APS6xx Elective course 3 credits
APS800 Thesis 3 credits
Semester 2 Year 2    
APS800 Thesis 6 credits



  1. For APS681 Research Methodology, students are required to write up a Working paper and prepare and proposal for APS 800 Thesis.
  2. Students are required to attend the thesis seminar and thesis examination that the program organizes outside Bangkok.
  3. Students are required to present their thesis in the annual graduate seminar in their last semester after their thesis examination and are required to submit their presentation to the conference proceedings.