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The local currency is the baht and the exchange rate fluctuates daily so it is best to check the exchange rate for your home currency. There are coins of 25 and 50 satang (one quarter and one-half of a baht), 1B, 5B, and 10B, and bills in 10B, 20B (green), 50B (blue), 100B (red), 500B (purple) and 1000 B (beige) denominations.

Around town, you will be able to find many banks and foreign exchange services that will change most major currencies. Exchange kiosks are open seven days a week, from 7.00 AM to 9.00 PM. Rates may vary by service. US dollar traveller’s checks can be cashed in both Bangkok and provincial banks and authorized money changers, using your passport. Traveler’s checks in other currencies are best changed in Bangkok where the better rates prevail.

Credit Card

Credit-cardsAmerican Express, Diners, Master Card and VISA are widely accepted and very useful in Thailand. You may use them in all department stores, many small shops and supermarkets, or to withdraw money from most ATMs. As a caution: Try to keep your credit card in sight in a shop even if you have to follow the sales person to the payment kiosk. Some unscrupulous vendors may make several blank credit card slips when you are not paying attention.

Pocket Money

pocket-moneyWe suggest that you carry some cash around since it is still the most accepted form of payment. Some places will not accept credit cards or checks below a minimum purchase. Having 500B in small denominations is more than sufficient, although it depends on personal preferences.