There are 4 alternative modes of transportation for students in the campus:

  1. Free Shuttle Bus
  2. Song Taew (Two Rows Pickup Public Passenger Car)
  3. Motorcycle Taxis
  4. Bicycle

1. Free Shuttle Bus or NGV bus

DSC 1275 resizeThere are 3 lines of the free open-air buses shuttle around the campus.





Line 1 Asian Game Village, Zone C – Thammasat Printing House

Service: 07.30-18.30 everyday, except public holidays
Route: Asian Game Village, Zone C – 14-Floored Building – Turn Left at Tabernacle – Central Canteen – U-Turn at Japanese Center Circle – LC1 – PueyUngphakorn Library – Register Office – SC Building – Gymnasium4/5/6 – Faculty of Engineer – SIIT – Faculty of Architecture – Thammasat Printing House (Return on the same way)

Line2 Asian Game Village, Zone A – Thammasat Hospital

Service: 07.15-20.30
Route: Asian Game Village, Zone A – Thammasat Kindergarten School – Central Canteen – Turn Left behind LC1 – LC3 – Piyachat Building – Faculty of Medical – Thammasat Hospital Parking Lot (Return on the same way)
**There are 3 buses on service between Japanese Center Circle and Thammasat Hospital every weekday. (The buses do not pass Asian Game Village)

Line3 Inter Zone Circle – TU-Dome

Service: 07.00-21.00 everyday include public holidays
Route: Inter Zone Circle – Thammasat Kindergarten School – Central Canteen – PueyUngphakorn Library – SC Building – Gymnasium 4/5/6 – TU Dome (Return on the same way)

2. Song Taew (Two Rows Pickup Public Passenger Car)

DSC 0252 resizeSong Taew is one type of the private mini bus in Thailand. In the rush hour when the NGVs are full of passengers, Song Taew is an alternative mode of transportation. They offers services in 3 routes similar to NGV Van.

Line 1 Asian Game Village – Faculty of Architecture
Line 2 Asian Game Village – Thammasat Hospital
Line 3 Asian Game Village – TU-Dome
**The cost of the service is 4 Baht between 7.00-21.00 and 5 Baht after 21.00.

3. Motorcycle Taxi

DSC 4118 resizeMotorcycle Taxis can be found anywhere around the campus and can be called everywhere passengers want. There are 2 places where the queues located, in front of Central Canteen (Green Cafeteria) and the area nearby a shuttle service to Victory Monument. The fee starts at 10 Baht and above depending on the distance.


4. Bicycle

DSC 0340 resizeEither private or rental bicycles can be used in the campus. The cost of the rental bicycle is 5 Baht per day. There are 3 rental stations located at

1. Bicycle Parking Lot at Chiang Raak1

2. Security House near Central Canteen

3. In front of Inter Zone