Computer labs can be found in various locations on Rangsit Campus. Although, each faculty has their own computer labs, they are usually reserved for students of the faculty. Alternatively, you can use your own laptop to access to the wireless network which is installed and runs across the campus for free.

The following are locations of computer labs around the Campus.

Edutainment Room

Location: Witayaborikaan Building
Tel: 0-2562-444-79 Extension Number 1183
Fax: 0-2564-314

room 108 room 109
Room 108: 35 computers Room 109: 60 computers


Student Computer Lounge

Location: SC Building, 1st Floor
Tel: 0-2564-4440-79 Extension Number5049
Computer: 55

scl-1 scl-2


Location: SC Building, 2nd Floor
Tel: 0-2564-4440-79 Extension Number 5002, 5003

room 2005 room 2039 room 2040
Room 2005: 12 computers Room2039: 67 computers Room2040: 70 computers


Computer Labs

Location: Piyachat Building, 7th Floor
Tel: 0-2564-4440-79Extension Number7516, 7517

cr-2 cl
Computer Room, 41 computers Computer labs: 49 computers